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Granite Stain Remover Pouches

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Granite stain remover Poultice Pods make removing small stains from natural stone and masonry surfaces much easier! Designed for removing small organic stains.  Removes stains such as oil, wine, coffee, and many other organic stains from marble, granite, concrete, brick and grout as well.

Just soak the pouch and place it over your stain and let it dry. Remove the pouch and the stain is gone! Inside the pouch are stone safe surfactants that when soaked are activated and work to break down the stain. The natural clays in the pouch then draw out the stain. 

Note: Deep stains may require several applications. Two or more pouches can be used for larger stains. Better yet, for large stains try Stain Reaper.

Directions: Dip the pouch in water - making sure it is thoroughly wet. Don't be afraid to knead it with your fingers to make sure it is wet. Place pouch over stain and pat down so it is touching the stain. Cover with a piece of plastic and punch some holes in the plastic. Allow to sit on stain for 12 to 24 hours. Remove pouch once dry and examine stain. Use sponge only once. If reused, bag may break. If bag breaks, just leave in place until dry.

Package includes Qty. of 3 individual pouches each 6" x 4.5" x 1.5". 

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